Denver: The High-level View

Themes and Threats

  • Theme: The Hills Are Alive
    • The Idea: The City draws power from the mountains, in both responsible and dangerous ways.
    • The Faces: The Werewolf packs, the Jotnar
  • Theme: Your Trust is Misplaced
    • The Idea: Everything seems pleasant on the surface, but underneath is a hotbed of discontent and scheming.
    • The Faces: Mitchell, Saria Simmons, the Shadow Court Fae, the White Council local wardens
  • Threat: Old Hatreds, New Reasons
    • The Idea: Groups that previously had every reason to co-exist peacefully are now finding those bonds broken.
    • The Faces: The Red Court Clans, various werewolf packs, the Shadow Court Fae

Status Quo

What is the Supernatural status quo?

The Summer Court holds most of Westminster, Arvada, and Thornton in Northern Denver, while the Winter Court is pretty much stuck in Aurora and the East side. The Wizards of the city sit on a powder keg with the Red Court and Black Court vampires almost always at war, and bands of shapeshifters from the mountain towns coming to lay waste to the “corrupt” elements of the city.

What is the Mundane status quo?

Denver’s politics center around its relationship with the mountains that loom to the west. Everyone agrees that they need to be protected, but degrees of protection and how to do so are constant bones of contention. Currently, the conservative crowd opposes the conservation-minded, but this is likely to change at the whim of politics. Meanwhile, a culture war is brewing between the conservative Christians and the decidedly more numerous liberal elements of the city.


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