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Pack of Lies 5

Story: Pack of Lies

Will Nuala Wolfe and her new compatriots Hammond and Shannon catch a pack of murdering were-creatures before her own werewolf friends are implicated and punished?

Session Five: Follow the Leader

The crew finally figured out a way to follow the demonic assassins back to their own dimension. However, they were hoping for a bit of a reprieve after the incident in Arvada… such was not to be the case. While hiding out in Shannon’s house, Shannon and Nuala received another gentleman caller / assassin while waiting for Hammond to arrive; the two ladies made short work of the creature just as Hammond finally showed. Hammond traced the creature back to its homeworld, and pulled the three into the Nevernever.

Hammond’s miraculous Jotun abilities were revisited shortly thereafter, as the three trekked across boiling pools of lava and barren plains of molten rock. The three tracked the assassin back to its camp, where they attacked and killed several of the demonic creatures, including several monstrous and wolf-like animals. These were likely the creatures that had attacked the Red Court vampires; one demon is left alive, which Nuala and Shannon torture relentlessly using various methods, until it was coerced into giving the name of their employer: Saria Simmons. However, it maintained its innocence against allegations of Travis’ murder.

Due to a number of these events, Nuala can no longer deny that she is a creature of the night, just as Shannon and Hammond are, and she spent the rest of the evening determining what this means for her. Over the course of the next few weeks, she determined the course of her progress while the White Council wizards paid a “visit” to Saria’s club, ending the Red Court’s threat against the supernatural community.

Now… she stands on the precipice as Hammond prepares to send her – alone – into the Nevernever…


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