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Pack of Lies 4

Story: Pack of Lies

Will Nuala Wolfe and her new compatriots Hammond and Shannon catch a pack of murdering were-creatures before her own werewolf friends are implicated and punished?

Session Four: Blown

Nuala returns to the werewolf safehouse in Arvada, only to realize their prisoner was the one who was being tracked. The entire complex, two garages and a small farmhouse, were burned to the ground after the initial explosion. Half of the werewolf packs were caught in the explosion, or in the carnage of flame after. However, not all is what it seemed. Travis, leader of the Denver pack, was killed by knife; and someone rescued Nuala when she ran back into the flames to rescue whoever she could.

The prisoner only let three pieces of information slip away before his explosive exit:

  1. The enemy had turned their attention to the wolf packs.
  2. There were several assassins employed to remove the packs from effectiveness.
  3. Death did not stop the assassins, because their own bodies were somewhere in the Nevernever, and the bodies they were using were not their own.

Nuala awakened in the burn ward of the hospital with Smoke-filled Lungs, several days later. She learns that Mitchell has taken charge of both packs, and is intending to stay in Denver for an indefinite period. Hammond voiced a private concern to Nuala about his suspicions about where Mitchell will take the packs from here. After healing, Shannon and Nuala go to speak with the Red Court vampires, who give them the cold shoulder and not much more to go on beyond a clear hatred for any other kind of supernatural, and even for other groups of their own kind.

Things are heating up.


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