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Pack of Lies 3

Story: Pack of Lies

Will Nuala Wolfe and her new compatriots Hammond and Shannon catch a pack of murdering were-creatures before her own werewolf friends are implicated and punished?

Session Three: The Wilds

Nuala and Hammond head into Pike National Forest in order to meet with the Jotuns he works with. They first met with Laufey, who taught her the basics of hand-to-hand fighting, then Nuala was sent alone to meet with Angrboda, and learn the ways of the Wolf Clan of the Iron Wood, and the true wolves that live in the forest nearby. She learned many lessons of magic, Jotun Style, but did not make a decision on whether or not to pursue it.

She then returned to Mitchell’s pack, just in time for another murder to be reported, this one on Colfax just blocks from the hotel where the pack was staying.


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