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Pack of Lies 2

Story: Pack of Lies

Will Nuala Wolfe and her new compatriots Hammond and Shannon catch a pack of murdering were-creatures before her own werewolf friends are implicated and punished?

Session Two: Lessons

Nuala begins meeting with various supernatural entities around the city. She meets with Shannon’s Shadow Court, who lay a geas down upon her in exchange for their help. So long as she obeys Shannon during missions, she may call upon Unseelie Magic temporarily.

However, after that meeting, and before she was scheduled to meet with the local representatives of the White Council, she was targeted for assassination; her apartment (and all her belongings) was destroyed in a “gas pipe explosion”, and then her bus was attacked by an errant minor talent while on an errand for Shannon. She was brought by her compatriots Hammond and Shannon to the White Council, who promised to look into the matter, and then she took several days to process this new aspect of her life.

On the last night of her stay in the White Council’s regularly-frequented apartment, Hammond had sang her to sleep in order to help her calm her nerves… she was awakened by Mitchell, who violently made a romantic claim on the woman. The altercation between the two scared Nuala, who fled to the fire station where she works now as an EMT. Shannon met with her, showed her the basics of the use of Unseelie Magic, and opened up a world of opportunity for Nuala, which she then took to a meeting of the werewolf packs. The werewolves discuss a recent trip to Vail and Pueblo, in which the Vail werewolves are willing to throw in limited support to help find the murderers, while the Pueblo pack was nowhere to be found. Mitchell afterwards declared that Nuala is his mate, trying to convince her to stay away from Hammond. She agreed to ignore Hammond’s advances, if he indeed made any, and then stole an important dossier from him to aid the Shadow Court – a file of Shadow Court secrets that the fae wanted out of werewolf hands.

In giving the dossier to Shannon, Nuala earned another lesson in the practice of magic (and Unseelie Magic, specifically). Afterward, Hammond took Nuala out to dinner, and set up an adventure into the mountains to meet the Jotnar who he works for. Mitchell was very upset when informed she would be spending more time with Hammond, and informed Nuala that the packs would be spending an extended stay in Arvada. Nuala told him of the trip into the mountains, though not the why of it, and then she went to her hotel room to prepare for the three-day “nature hike.”


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